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As we all know, a competition buggy requires an engine that is able to drive the vehicle with (1)absolute linear power delivery for quick response and precision control, (2) immediate acceleration at low-speed for super-fast maneuvre when coming out of corners and hair-pin turns, and (3) solid punch (high-torque) for effortless launches jumps after jumps.

Arrow’s new 3-port Ultra-High Performance (Short-Stroke Based) GTR engine achieve them (the above 3 requirements) thru 4 areas in the following.

Linear Power, Immediate Acceleration & High Torque… How?
Due to the fact that all Arrow GTR engines are (1) 3 ports and short-stroke based, it outputs‘Absolute Linear Power’ by nature. In addition to its short-stroke nature, Arrow’s robust piston, sleeve & conrod, and fine tuned carburettor all play an important role in achieving ‘True Linear Power Delivery, Immediate Acceleration and High Torque Delivery.’

arrowpic006_500 Arrow Racing Piston, Sleeve & Conrod
Arrow Racing’s Piston, Sleeve & Conrod assembly is made of hard-to-obtain superior materials and specially treated with industry’s leading technology–Nano Plasma Fusion Technology& Plasma Heating Process derived from Israel. Although, they have the looks and mechanical features of conventional piston and sleeve, they are very different. Arrow’s piston, sleeve and conrod are firmer, more solid and resistant to pressure than those made by other manufacturers.

With its main characteristic of being ‘HARD,’ Arrow GTR engines, especially its internal parts are able to withstand higher combustion efficiency thus higher internal stress thru a mean Arrow carburettor to achieve ‘Absolute Linear Power Delivery’ and ’Immediate Acceleration at low-speed’. Thus highly responsive power output becomes apparent in all Arrow GTRs.

Arrow GTR engines are able to deliver ‘immediate acceleration at low-speed’ because they are equipped with (2) Super high pressure and friction resistant piston, sleeve & conrod which are made of difficult-to-derive special metals (trade-secret) and treated with special ‘Plasma Heating Process’ to withstand higher combustion efficiency and more internal stress to produce higher power output. The specially tuned carburettor and reinforced piston, sleeve and conrod are also the main contributing factor to higher reliability with extended longevity.



arrowpic007_500 Each Arrow GTR engine holds a (3) Perfectly Balanced crankshaft that is as strong as high-tensile strength steel but at the same time resilient enough to take the constant beating from buggy sports.




Every Arrow GTR engine comes with a (4) Highly responsive and precision 3-needle carburettorthat responses superbly well to any inputs given by the driver. This finely tuned carburettor by Arrow houses a precision machined custom slope angled metering needle that works perfectly with a matching mixture control valve to allow ‘Absolute Linear Power Delivery,’ ‘Immediate Acceleration at Low-Speed’ and ‘Superb Fuel Efficiency.’


These are the 4 main factors that help Arrow GTR .21 to stand out from the other competing brands of engines of similar price range and even those of much higher price tags.

TR Engine Specifications:
Displacement: 3.46cc(
Ports: 3 Port (Intake) plus 1 Port (Exhaust)
Bore: 0.654in (16.6mm)
Stroke: 0.630in (16.0mm)
Engine Stroke (Type): Short-Stroke Based Engine
Carburetor: Arrow Super Smooth Slide-Valve
Peak R.P.M: 46,000 RPM
Practical Range: 3,000~44,000 RPM
Glow Plug Type: O.S. P3 Turbo
Weight W/O Muffler: 12.6oz (355g)
Crankshaft: 14mm SG
Carburetor: 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0mm Venturi are available

Included in the Package:
1) Parts List
2) 0.1 mm shim (must be installed)
3) Carburetor Reducer (Venturi) Set: 8mm x 1 and 9mm x 1
4) 1 x Complete Engine



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